Concert: Lynn Gold & Roberta Rogow

This is a pair of 30-minute concerts by Lynn Gold and Roberta Rogow. Roberta is from North Jersey. Lynn is a “naturalized” Californian. This will be a battle of the North vs. the South—of New Jersey! Watch two women correct each others’ pronunciations while making you laugh and think.

Concert: Gary Ehrlich

Gary Ehrlich is a singer songwriter from the DC area. A structural engineer by profession, he often works architectural themes into his songs, be it designing whimsical hotels or dreaming of future cities.

Concert: Amy McNally

Amy McNally is that chick in a skirt and no shoes who sits on the floor with a violin and a stash of Pixy Stix. Yeah, that one, with the hair. She’s been hanging around jam circles like that for 20 years and playing fiddle for over 30 years now. Playing with multiple bands, singing… Continue reading Concert: Amy McNally

Concert: Ben Newman

Ben Newman is a singer-songwriter and filker who writes songs on a wide variety of topics: science fiction and fantasy, religion (several), science and computers, and many more. He writes original melodies and borrows tunes from other songwriters, soundtracks, and media such as movies and video games.

Concert: The Gothsicles

The Gothsicles roll in from Boston bringing an energetic performance of 20 years’ worth of industrial music and video with a comic flair about everything from the videogame Contra to the world’s most amazing animals. As COMA Music Magazine said, “The Gothsicles are one of the forerunners in industrial music for the nerdy masses.”

Concert: Victor Sierra

Celebrated steampunk band Victor Sierra will be regaling us from Paris, France, with songs of the airship Hydrogen Queen and the adventures of its crew. The band invites you to go beyond the horizon line, to go for the strange, to be stirred in unison, and to live unpredictable experiences!

Concert: Sassafrass

Sassafrass is a singing group led by science fiction author and Pegasus-nominated composer Ada Palmer. They perform original a cappella music with fantasy, mythology and science fiction themes. Noted for their close harmonies and their intricate narrative lyrics, Sassafrass unveiled their Norse song cycle Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok at Balticon in 2013.

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