Building Starships with a Digital Brush

Maurizio Manzieri, 2021 Hugo Award nominee for best professional artist, is a renowned international cover artist and teacher of digital illustration, residing in Turin, Italy. During this exclusive workshop, he will be pleased to share his techniques of work.

Webcomic Workshop

Storyboard artist and fantasy writer Tenaya Anue walks workshop participants through the nuts and bolts of creating the characters, storylines, and images for webcomics. Appropriate for attendees of all ages and skill levels.

Pattern Fitting Workshop

Gain confidence in sewing for everyday wear and cosplay! Learn how to adjust a flat pattern to fit before cutting your fabric. This workshop will cover fitting patterns from the hips and up. We will cover full bust adjustment, narrow and wide shoulders, protruding abdomen, dowager hump, large biceps, and many more fitting issues. If… Continue reading Pattern Fitting Workshop

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